2001 Open Dutch Computer-Chess Championship

Photo Gallery (13)

(Photos by Theo van der Storm)

Bas Hamstra (Tao), Gian-Carlo Pascutto (Sjeng)
Eric van Reem (editor of Computerschaak) interviewing Tony Werten (Xinix)
Michel Langeveld (book and operating Crafty for Bob Hyatt)
Johan de Koning (The King a.k.a. ChessMaster)
Frans Morsch, Mathias Feist (Fritz)
playing with low brightness against Rebel Century 4
(Click on the pic for high-res image)
Jeroen Noomen (Chess Tiger), Bart Weststrate (Kallisto II-X)
excitement: SpiderChess Draws Chess Tiger!
Overview of the Philidor-hall of the Leids Denksport Centrum
at 3:50pm CET (DST has ended!)
Tom Vijlbrief (Ant) concentrating
Eric Walstra (Morphy XP 4.0) contemplating
Martin Giepmans and Joke Wiegersma (SpiderChess)
Tony Werten (Xinix), Emile den Tex (EEC)
Ernst Walet (Diep operator) and Hans van der Zijden (Gadget)
One CSVN boardmember with cable in face removed (zap!)
Bart Weststrate (Kallisto II-X) trying to decipher The King's raw output
Jan Weststrate (Kallisto II-X) operating for Bart
4th Chess-computer User's "Gebruikers" Tournament in the background
Jaap van den Herik (right)
Gerd Isenberg (IsiChess X)
Ernst Walet, Vincent Diepeveen (Diep)
Emile den Tex (Emile's Evolutionary Chess)
Fritz-Gadget(11) after 10... O-O. Gadget GUI:
"Gadget heeft zwart" (Gadget has black)
"Anti Fritz-boek zwart2" (Anti Fritz-book black2)
Apparently a Noomen book was used with
permission as was revealed on CCC.
Günter Rehburg (CSS), Frans Morsch(Fritz),
Dennis Breuker(Duck, not playing), Renzo Verwer(journalist)
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What is Eric doing?
Rob Hartoch
(Commentator, International Master and International Arbiter)
Hartoch is starting his commentary
Rienk Doetjes (arbiter of the championship)
Theo van der Storm (organiser of the championship)
This photo is by the editor of our magazine Eric van Reem.
Please stop calling me "Herr Turnierdirektor".
Shining Prizes!
3rd prize winner Mathias Feist (Fritz)
and Cock de Gorter (CSVN chairman)
Cock de Gorter and
2nd prize winner Ed Schröder (Rebel Century 4)
In de last round Rebel was surpassed on Buchholtz points by Chess Tiger.
Ed Schröder did not compete in this championship for several years.
Hopefully this cup and the nice atmosphere in this tournament
will make him decide to return each year.
He won in 1987, 1989, 1990 and 1992. Jan Louwman kindly
operated his program this year and several years in the past.
Champion for the second time in a row:
Jeroen Noomen (Chess Tiger 14.6)
Christophe Théron was not present.
Wisselprijs, Wanderpreis, Prix de Challenge (what's the English word?)
Prize with inscription of the winners since the beginning
of the Dutch Computer-Chess Championships (1981) not for keeping!
There are also magnetic chess pieces for this board,
which was made available to the CSVN by Fidelity Benelux in 1985.
They smile to each other.
The winners (3, 1 and 2) in high spirit:
Mathias Feist (Fritz), Jeroen Noomen (Chess Tiger 14.6) and Ed Schröder (Rebel Century 4)
See you all next year!