2nd International CSVN Tournament (2002)

Photo Gallery I

(Photos by Theo van der Storm)

Here is a 2 MB zipfile with some high-resolution pictures
for printing purposes in magazines.

Bart Goldhoorn, Edwin Bakker (GoldBar MMII)
Eric Walstra (Morphy 4.1) is winning: He trapped Shark´s rook!
Sander de Zoete (Shark)
Jan Kaan (Djenghis)
John van der Hoeven (oper. Sjeng)
Richard Pijl (The Baron)
Extremely fast red pen movements illustrate chess software development.
Joost Buijs (Nightmare), bar/smoking area in the background
Andreas Herrmann (Holmes)


Roland Pfister (Patzer)
Bas Hamstra (Tao), Martin Giepmans (SpiderChess)
Hans Secelle (Ant)
Martin Giepmans (SpiderChess)
Rudolf Huber (SOS: 5th)
Frans Morsch (Fritz), Ernst Walet and Vincent Diepeveen (Diep)
Johan de Koning (The King)

Part II (Photo Gallery 17)