6th Intl. Csvn Tournament, Leiden, May 2006
13th Chess Computer Users (Gebruikers) tournament

Photo Gallery

Photos by Eric van Reem and Kees Sio

Noomen, De Koning, Van der Storm, Van Ark
Jeroen Noomen (Rybka), Johan de Koning (The King), Theo van der Storm (CSVN secretary, TD)
and André van Ark (Gandalf).
Annus, Doerr
Volker Annuss (Hermann and Ralf Dörr (Argonaut)
IsiChess is waiting for its opponent.
Vincent Diepeveen executed the first move in the absence of the Diep computer.
Jeroen Noomen (Rybka team) and Cock de Gorter (CSVN chairman).
John van der Hoeven (oper. 2.Deep Sjeng), Hans van der Zijden and Jeroen Noomen (1. Rybka),
Ernst Walet (3.Deep Shredder 10)
prizes of the ICT6 and one for the chess computer simul.
prizes of the "gebruikers" chess computer tournament
War-time chess set (De Koning family)
(LCD clock and stray mouse not included)
Winners "Gebruikers" tournament
Chess computer simul.
Dedicated chess-computer engine kit (very rare!)
Cor van Dongen (simul) playing the last two games.
Ries van Leeuwen (CSVN) congratulating Cor van Dongen (rated 2299)
for winning against a team of dedicated chess computers.